Monday, March 24, 2014

I should be in bed...

but I'm not.

I'm packing.

Well, I was packing. I've been side tracked by Twitter and hunting yarn shops in Ft. Worth.

Yep. I'm heading to Texas for a work conference. Without the family. I've never been away from the kids more than 2 days. This is going to be interesting. And the Geek-boy has his load-in week while I am gone. I think his work is going to learn 1. just how much he does and how much they rely on him to ditch everything else for them and 2. just where is priorities really lie. Meanwhile I'll be hobnobbing with people in the industry and possibly hitting the spa in the hotel. Just think. I will have almost a whole week where I will be allowed to us the bathroom on my own. I won't have to do someone's hair every morning while they steal my breakfast. And I won't have to wipe anyone's butt aside from my own.

This is my first real trip since being diagnosed. I'm slightly (very) anxious about it. Especially since the Geek-boy won't be there to help me and keep me calm. I hate flying. I'm stressing about going through security with all my meds. I'm worried I won't have the stamina to do all the walking around the convention. 

And speaking of diagnosed today was the two year anniversary. Woo hoo? With two major treatment changes over the last year I can't say it has been a fun ride. Part of me kicks myself for going off the infusions when I did. Had I hesitated a little longer, we would have had the study in our hands and known that it was safe for me to stay on it. And in those months of going off that and onto the pills and back again I know I lost some of what I had. And I am beginning to doubt if I will ever get it back again.

Enough of the depressing stuff. Packing has been insanely helpful in the Fifty Things project. I'm not sure if it was my tendency to procrastinate or the OCD, but my forays into The Closet of Doom led to a huge clean out. What is The Closet of Doom, might you ask? It is a strange anomaly in our house created by half-arsed renovations by the former owner. It used to be a part of the kitchen. It someday will be a part of the bathroom. But now it is a tiny space (about 4feet wide and 10 feet deep?) with open stud walls, various forms of flooring, and a bare bulb that serves as a linen, medicine, cleaning and catch-all closet. After this weekend, it is far more organized. Between that and my clothing closet I was able to add a bunch more to the list.

Tossed this time:
  • Travel sized toiletries we will never use
  • Old expired medicine and product
  • Travel alarm clocks (cell phones do this now)
  • Ace ankle wraps (too small and elastic cracked)
  • The disposable underwear from the hospital acquired when I had the minions. (Done with the baby making here. Don't need them)
  • Fake nails bought for a costume.
  • Old eyeglasses (going to the donation bin at the library)
  • Numerous scented lotions, body washes, bath extras and fancy body scrubby things. (Toss what's bad and donate what isn't)
  • Inflatable bath pillow. 
  • Stretchy skinny jeans (I don't even know how I got these)
  • Pull over fleece jacket (not to my taste. It can keep someone else warm)
  • Shoes
Fifty Things Total: 15

Not bad so far. I expect to make some huge progress when I return from the trip. And now I must to bed.

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thepaintedsheep said...

meds aren't a problem with security, so don't worry about them. if any are liquids, put them in the baggie with the others. otherwise, just toss them in your purse and you'll be fine. they don't question meds. i don't even put them in a separate bag anymore - i just toss them in my purse. if you aren't checking a bag, keep them in your purse - my suitcase got gate checked on both my flights last time. you don't want to have to shuffle through it to get them out when they are waiting to check it.