Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Really there are only two things in progress at the moment:

  1. tag sale prep
  2. sausage making prep (which is all but done now)

 Oh yeah, and one more thing.
     3. Going crazy.

See you in a few more days once the whirl wind is done, and hopefully where my freezer will be fuller, my house and garage emptier and my bank account wealthier.

I leave you with this moment of cute to distract you.


thepaintedsheep said...

I can't decide if its adorable or disturbing that she makes her nuggets talk before she devours them ;-)

Gothknits said...

What she's saying to them after they kiss is "No bite. No bite. You okay? You okay?"
This whole thing started when she tapped my arm and said "Mommy?" When I turned my head I got the nugget and RAWR!!! I had to get the camera.