Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Times You Felt Grateful Last Week

  1. Despite all of the crazy trouble trying to get my new disease modifying drug, it seems to be working and my side effects are rather minor. It's not to the level of my last treatment but it has only been two months at this point. But I am hopeful. Now if I can just get the insurance company, specialty pharmacy and the drug company to get their $h*t together. Do you think a chainsaw will help? Too subtle? I know...flamethrower. I have to get too close with a chainsaw. 
  2. With all the rain we've managed to keep the water in the basement to a minimum. Our sump pump is so old that we need to go and pull the float up to get it to work. We have a line tied to it that runs to the top of the stairs so in the middle of the night we don't even need to go down stairs. But there's another issue. Since it is so old it is still piped into our plumbing system. So if we don't pull out the washing machine drain hose and plug that line, the water backs up into the machine. Whatever. The big problem is remembering to put the washing machine hose back. Common sense, right? *sigh* Well, at least there are parts of the basement floor that are very clean. 
  3. That my boss made it through his total knee replacement. He should have had the operation last year. It's been hard watching him struggling this year; some days he could barely walk. I hope this fixes everything for him. 
  4.  Finding the pork for the sausage still on sale. Granted I had to go to a store in another town rather than the one right down the road, but the second store was much larger and much cleaner.
  5. When both my minions snuggled with me on the couch (without fighting). It was a lovely cozy moment. 
  6. When both Father's Day gifts were available and will arrive on time. 
  7. That I was able to get a garden plot in the town garden this year. Granted we've started late, I've gained a horrible burn working in it, and I've been stressed about the fact that I don't know what the heck I'm doing, but I'm loving it. And completely excited by the prospect of a (hopefully) successful harvest.
  8. For my parents who are coming to visit. 
  9. For our portable DVD player and it's ability to allow us to eat out every so often with some semblance of order...or at least a subdue chaos.
  10. For my knitting girls. They are fabulous and keep me sane. 


Donna said...

I love my knitting pals. They make life so much more awesome!

Leslie said...

We have so much to be grateful for, Friends, they're the best.

Kim said...

Haha. I don't mean to laugh, but I feel your pain about the washing machine and remembering to put the drain line in. Before I bought a house, I lived in an apartment and had a little washer I connected to the sink taps. About 10% of the time I would forget to put the drain hose into the sink. One time I had 6 inches of water in my kitchen. My landlord was not amused.

Floods notwithstanding, it sounds like you have a lot to be grateful for!

Rebecca said...

bicker free cuddles are so lovely - i'm thankful when i can grab some too! i'm glad you have knitting buddies to commune with - if i were near, id be a knitting buddy and give you a big hug - sounds like times you might need one ;). me too lol.
i hope whatever drugs you're having to take work well to heal you and i hope the insurance comes through for it. i am grateful that here in france, noone really has to worry about that, though that's about the only thing i like about france lol.