Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Very apt topic for today. My summer unemployment starts today (well the rest of this week is actually me using up my vacation days). It now time for ice cream. More importantly, I have the time and wherewithal to make ice cream. 10 Favorite Ice Cream Toppings (and mix in items). Hrm....better put cream and whole milk on the shopping list.

  1. Chocolate sauce- the deeper, darker the better. Heated if possible.
  2. Peanut butter- troublesome to melt and keep melted but worth it. If I could only discover the secret to Friendly's peanut butter sauce.
  3. Peanut butter cups- especially with the two above toppings. Even more especially with peanut butter ice cream.
  4. Heath bars- bonus on top of coffee ice cream
  5. Butterfingers- mmmmmm...Butterfingers
  6. Whipped cream- the real stuff. None of the Cool Whip fakery. The real stuff. The good stuff. And lots of it.
  7. Peppermint patties- again. Lots of them.
  8. Liqueurs- one of our favorites was a peach wine/liqueur that we would pour over vanilla ice cream and fresh peaches.
  9. Fresh fruit- in season fruit at it's peak, sliced and with it's own juices.
  10.  Caramel- I have some goat's milk caramel that is divine. I think it might need some butter pecan to make it just that much more fantastic.  


Donna said...

If you find out how Friendlys makes theirs, let me in on the secret! It's my favorite.

Leslie said...


Kim said...

Those first three toppings are the key to the best sundae in the world!