Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I'm back for Ten on Tuesday.  Today's topic: 10 Items Pinned to your Bulletin Board. This would be have to be my work bulletin board since my studio is still in process of being moved.

  • Color sheet from the top three paint brands I use at work. I've recently learned that I must hoard these since they are no longer being made. Since our budgets are so paltry, I can't keep a can of every color in stock and rely on these sheets to decide on what I need to order for a show. 
  • A lovely drawing done by Little Dude. This one is purple crayon on newsprint.
  • A drill bit guide. Think knitting needle/crochet hook gauge tool, but for drill bits. 
  • The paint formula numbers for the black box theatres. Comes in handy when walls need repainting. 
  • Decimal equivalents chart-for the obscene amount of math required on the job. 
  • A list of the days daycare is closed....so I remember to take those days off. 
  • The list of shows we will be doing next season.
  • My work scarf for when it gets two damn cold in here. This is one I don't care if I get paint on.
  • Various business cards, contact info and phone numbers. 
  • A bit of inspiration in sign form: 
  • We the willing 
    Led by the unknowing 
    Are doing the impossible 
    For the ungrateful
    We have done so much
    For so long with so little 
    We are now qualified 
    To do anything 
    With nothing.

    That about sums up my job. 

    So not really fun, but a little snapshot of my workday.

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