Sunday, April 15, 2012

Walk MS

So after the revelation in the previous post, I decided to participate in the National MS Society's Walk MS fundraiser. Which turned out to be about a month from when I was diagnosed. I figure it's a good way to meet some other people in the area with the disease, as well as get my butt moving. It's going to be really important that I exercise now, though I still can't imagine when the hell I'm going to find the time.

So I started a team: Pirate Robots   (yeah, I let Little Dude pick the name)

And I set up a challenge: If we raise $2000 then I will dye my hair this color for race day.

Right now we've got $803. We've got $1,197 to raise in the next 7 days. (Less if you consider that I'd be getting my hair done sometime on Saturday).

If you can, please donate. MS is an area of research where they are making tremendous strides, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. I am lucky that there is an MS Center close to me for treatment. Others are not as lucky. Please help. Or if you are local, join the team and walk with us. If the weather is good, the kids will be in the wagon with us. And if you walk with us, I'll have some Pirate Robot headwear for you.

So there's my plea.

Tomorrow is my big appointment. I'm somewhat nervous, but mostly overwhelmed with all the information I've been reading.
And I've been knitting, so I'll have some crafting posts forthcoming.

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Crazy small world dolly! I have MS as well, have had for sometime!! Knitting is truly a life saver :)