Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I'm not going with the collective Ten on Tuesday topic since, I, in fact, did not watch the Oscars. I don't really enjoy award shows at all. I watched Dr. Who instead.

So I'm picking my own topic today.
10 Knitting/crafting goals for the year. I've been reading the Knitter's Life List and it has inspired me.

  1. Finish my Double Heelix socks. These will be my first non-worsted/bulky socks. 
  2. Make the comic-book quilt. I've been planning it endlessly in my head.
  3. Spin- I want to finish spinning my 'crap' fiber and indulge in some good stuff.
  4. Make some orange socks for Little Dude. They were a request....how can I not?
  5. Pull out my two UFO's and finish them. Now that Little Miss is starting to wean, I have no excuses not to work on Kyoto and my Red Vest.
  6. Finish the T-shirt quilt for my FIL. I hit a roadblock on this one and I need to get it done.
  7. Do a project that requires steeking. Because nothing says courage like cutting up a bunch of colorwork. 
  8. Design at least one knitting pattern. I'm thinking either child's dress or shawl.
  9. Paint at least one non-work canvas. 
  10. Start at least 4 new projects from my Ravelry queue. I'm up to 10 pages queued....I ought to start some of them. 
So there it is.
And I have a lovely story concerning Little Dude and a knitted item. He spontaneously decided to wear his Spring Vest this weekend.  I told him that I had made that for him. His reaction: "WOW!!! Thank you Mommy!" voiced first in absolute awe and then the sweetest gratitude. I love this kid.

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