Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hey I finished something!

I did indeed. I finally completed Little Dude's hat/scarf combo.


 As you can see, he likes it.

Very much.

Very, very much.

This is the pirate pose. (it's an eyepatch)

Pattern: Orange Twist Child Hat-Scarf
Yarn: Bernat Aspen Soft

I made some modifications to the pattern to make the hat a larger size to fit my older child, as well as to accommodate my OCD need for symmetry. I increased the length of the scarf. To make it fit my 3 year old, the scarf sections I increased to 22 stitches, the hat front to 22, and the back to 18. I also reversed the second scarf, both in placement of the cables as well as cable direction. I had a little flub that I turned into pattern variation. Between the first and second cables I only did a 6 row repeat instead of the 8 row. The rest I did the 8 row. I repeated it on the second scarf.

I also started something...or restarted. I've got 12 working days to start and finish our next show so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to resurrect Footprints in the Sky. So come read about my insane journey in the glamorous world of show biz.

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NutmegOwl said...

Isn't it just the best when our wee ones LOVE what Mommy made?