Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I guess I haven't blogged in a week. I keep falling asleep on the couch once the kids are in bed so not much is getting accomplished. Plus Little Miss has a come and go fever. My charity project acquired a horrendous tangle that I sicced my husband on. He's crazy when it comes to knots in yarn. We did that this morning while waiting for the doctor's office to open. Well, here's my ten for today:

10 Things You Can See From Your Favorite Knitting Spot
  1.  the TV - I usually knit in front of the TV and half watch what is going on. It's often just background and forces me to look away from my knitting periodically. 
  2. The wedding pictures of my grandparents- I love old photos and i have a display of their wedding party and then individual portraits of all four of them.
  3. The kids toys- this is also the main play room so we have toys everywhere from Little Miss's little music table to Little Dude's train table. 
  4. The fireplace- it was one of the selling points of the house for me, though aside from the big October storm and power failure, we haven't used it in years. It's tough enough keeping the kids out of trouble without adding fire to the mix. But when the are old we'll fire it up again. 
  5. 'the pretty desk' - this currently sits in front of the fireplace. It was a piece rescued from the prop storage clean out. The footprint of the desk is a trapezoid and doors and drawers are veneered in burled wood and book-matched grain. I love the piece.
  6. The book cabinet- Another rescue piece (I prefer old furniture) filled with our various leather bound book collections, photos, and knick knacks.
  7. The old treadle sewing machine- this folds into it's cabinet and us currently the table for the light in the front window. 
  8. Our ugly couch- it's ugly but it was free. How ugly you say?? Think Marie's couch on Everybody Loves Raymond, minus the plastic of course. 
  9. Our IKEA cabinets- we have these two odd alcoves in the living room that are deep and narrow and just shy of two feet. Luckily IKEA is metric therefore they just fit in there and we promptly stuffed them full of books and DVDs. Little Miss has taken to pulling all the DVDs off the shelves (and Little Dude has taken to scolding her for it.)
  10. My framed posters- I buy a poster whenever I go to a new art museum. In here I have The Lady of Shallot and Pygmalion and Galatea.

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