Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Super Bowl Party Foods.
or should I just say party foods. Though the food, to me, is the only reason to go to a Superbowl party. I hate football. I hate it more than I hate baseball...and it's about on par with basketball. And frankly we can't go to these parties anymore because it starts too close to bedtime for the kiddos. But if you are going to do it, this is how it should be.

  1. Buffalo wings- And I mean real Buffalo wings. Not the crappy knock-offs that I keep finding around here. I'm from Upstate NY. I know what a Buffalo wing is. It's made with Frank's Red Hot and butter. That's it. You can have other chicken wing flavors as well but you better have the original.
  2. Tortilla chips and Queso- a must. 
  3. Nachos- Loaded. with everything. 
  4. Potato chips and French onion dip- Heluva Good is the only acceptable brand of dip.
  5. Veggies and dip
  6. Chili- if ambitious you can do both white and red. 
  7. Pizza- delivered or homemade. in a variety of flavors
  8. Ribs- need I say more
  9. Spinach artichoke dip- another must (my recipe is called 'crack dip' by my friends because they accuse me of putting crack in it. It's that addicting)
  10. Brownies- chocolate goodness in a non messy delivery system. 
So there you go. Enjoy the game. I'll be giving the kids a bath and then watching Die Hard. 

On the nightstand: Skein of the Crime, Heroes. Volume two
On the Ipod: Death Comes to Pemberly
On the Kindle: Knitter's Life List
On the needles: Double Heelix socks, Orange Twist Child Hat-Scarf, charity scarf & hat,
On the wheel: nada
In the sewing basket: finished Marvel pillow case and blanket
On the easel: nada
On the shop floor: Time After Time


Nichole said...

Great list, happy TOT - go Pats!

Rachel Cutler said...

Franks Red Hot!!!!! YUM!! Sooo..... is there anything I can trade for a bottle of that. I haven't had good wings in years. Actually, it's been since I worked in Buffalo and ate at Anchor Bar nearly every night. In OK, wings are BBQ. Soooo not the same thing