Monday, June 02, 2008

And then there were three...

Yesterday we had 6 we have 3! And with any luck by the end of the week we will be left with our original two.

Yes, finally after a year and a half of fostering the little monsters, um I mean stray cats, we found a home for most of them. They have gone off to be barn cats on a lovely little farm down state. Thank you, thank you, thank you Audrey for putting us in contact. And thank you Wanda for having a generous heart to take in the furry ones.

It was fiasco central this weekend getting them ready for their new home. We needed to get their rabies booster. Our vet won't take cats they can't handle, which is completely understandable. We had hoped to get an appointment for the clinic at the Humane Society, but they never answered their phone, nor did they call us back. Our vet let us know of a clinic at Petco on Saturday. So that was the plan. It took my love about 3 hours and several puncture wounds to get them in the cages. We get to the store and get in the rather long line. There were a lot of dogs there...I'm not really a dog person. Especially when people don't clean up after said dogs. Come on people ! They provide you stuff to clean up after your animals! Use them!......anywho. The dog behind us (the one with the choke chain...I won't start in that rant) got a few nose scratches because they didn't keep him from sniffing our cages, even after warnings. Our turn came finally, but not before someone's dog took a very smelly dump. We get to the table. We warn them about the nature of our furry ones. The tech dons what look like gloves for either welding or falconry. The first one (Spec) is pulled from the cage and given her shot. Slightly difficult but she's the easiest one. The next one (Juno) is the one full of piss and vinegar, and she proved escaping and running loose in the store. She managed to crawl under the shelving. It took 5 people and about 10 minutes to get her. As she was tackled the vet managed to get her with the vaccination. They decided to take the last one (Sam) into the bathroom to do his. He raised a paw and then decided to give up. Finally they had their shots. But what to do with them while waiting to hear from their soon-to-be home?? We didn't want to put them back into the studio because we were afraid that we'd never get them into the cages again. We settled on the handicap bathroom at my husband's shop.

Monday went much better. They were huddled in their cages when we went to gather them. Two in the big cage and one in one of the smaller ones. We merely shut the doors and then took them to their new home. It's a lovely place that I'm very comfortable leaving them at.


The last furry one is being integrated into our upstairs domain (she's lonely without her siblings) until we get her a home of her own. We didn't send her with the others because she's defintely housecat material. And this means I have my studio back!!! Woo Hoo!!! Now we just have to clean it...a lot.

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. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Good for you! You really do have a kind heart!