Tuesday, May 27, 2008

psuedo post

Life has been a blur since I've gotten back. I have been taking pictures, but haven't had a chance to blog. The belly grows ever bigger and I think this will be the week I say goodbye to my belly button. The weather warms (finally) and everything has turned green. For the first time ever I saw my Queen of the Night tulips bloom. I've been knitting when I'm not working on the house or passed out on the couch.

I'll have a real post with pictures this week, I promise. I just need to upload them all.

And for my PIF people. I haven't forgotten you. I'm secretly working on your goodies.

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Rach said...

The next step will be the feet. There was a good couple of months that I wasn't sure they were there.

I've taken up crochet for my lunch break. I don't have the energy to learn knitting yet. Emma has been a handful the last few months. Sleep has been a rarity. So I crochet...

What kind of lotion do you use on your hands when the yarn bleeds them dry?

Miss you