Saturday, August 25, 2007


I made it through surgery ok. I'm home and in an expected amount of pain. I'm not allowed back to work until Wednesday, so if anyone feels like hanging out with me Mon. and Tues. I would welcome the company.

An to round out the strangeness of it all. Something that cheered me yesterday...I had a cameo in The Devil's Panties. I'm the one in the pig tails. You may remember that ensemble from this post.

Well I'm off to recover on the couch with some needles, wool, and movies galore.

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roxtarchic said...

that's QUITE the cameo.. you hottie! i'm glad the surgery went well & so sorry for your pain & grief... i dont really have words of comfort i can't pretend to know what to say... just that i'm wishing you well and thinkin of ya,