Thursday, July 26, 2007

ConnectiCon last

We finally got the pictures of ConnectiCon off of my love's phone. Sorry for the quality.

When we got there we did a quick spin around to see where everything was and then wandered into the Webcomic Auction that was raising funds for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Being an artist myself, copyright and trademark issues are really important to me. Actually a friend of mine is currently going through some trademark issues.
Anywho...there we are watching the auction and my favorite artist Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties, Geebas on Parade and various others (damn this girl is prolific) went up. I looked at love as cute and pitifully as I could and he said go ahead and bid. So I did. Another dude and I got into a bit of a bidding war... my wonderful, generous and fabulous husband let me keep going. I won't say how much I paid but I won! This became my 30th birthday present...remember my birthday back in January that went uncelebrated? Yeah, well this totally made up for it. I had actually come to the Con to meet Jennie. I even emailed her to see what I could bring her. I came armed with fruit, candy and sandwiches.

So the goodies I won were a deck of her playing cards, a Men in Kilts...with a leaf blower calendar (as she states if you wear underwear it's a skirt. These are men in kilts) , signed issues of her comic book and an original signed cthulu geshia drawing done there at the con. Actually we ending up hanging out with her and a bunch of other artist all night. She gave the choice of two out of three geshia drawings. We went to dinner with them and an after party. Jennie did I tell you that you rock? Well you do! I had so much fun and it was a real inspiration being around all these artist doing their thing. Plus it was total bonus being refered to as "the hot goth chick who bought me".

I forgot to get an empty art journal at work to have sketches done by the artist for I had them draw on me instead.

This was done by Hawk from Applegeeks. The pic of him drawing it didn't come out. This is version of Hawk from Applegeeks Lite.

Tim Buckley of Ctl+Alt+Del didn't have a booth there but that didn't stop me from asking for a sketch. I asked for a doodle of Zeke, my favorite sentient X-box.

Jennie did her little devil girl of course.

This is Jamie of In His Likeness. He did the Internet from his comic. I hadn't known of his before this and it now has a place in my regular comics. For some reason I failed to get one from Chrisiti from In the Puddle. Next time...

I did get Choo Choo Bear from Randy Milholland's Something Positive. We commiserated about Emerson students. I also got a paper sketch that will be framed and put in my studio.I spent all my money buying Jennie so I was unable to get the books and shirts I wanted to. Oh and this...I really really wanted to buy this. Even my love gave his approval. hehehe . In case you are wondering my shirt say Talk Nerdy to Me. It was quite a hit. To sum up it was absolutely was like coming home. It was quite inspiring as an artist and fun for the freak in me. Next year I will be there and in costume. I will also pull some extra jobs to make some just-for-the-con-money. I'm actually anxious to hit a few others, but then love may kill me.

A big thank you to all the artist that let us hang out with them.


Rach said...

Well, that looked like fun. Wish I was there. No cons around here that I know of. We are regularly taking Emma to the Comic Book Store on Wed. This last week I saw a little girl who looked about 8 following her dad around the store. She even had a book in her hand! Chicks and Comics Rock!! Is it too much to ask that both her and her brother become famous comic artists?

. . . geeky painter. . . said...


There's that zillion megawatt smile!

That makes my day!