Thursday, September 28, 2006

Plugging away

on both knitting and work. When I'm not here knitting on the shawl I'm turning this hideous mess (you may remember it from "Flash your Stash") into scarves for charity. Kindof a stash cleansing. To make room for fiber I like. I have been good. I went to FabricPlace's closing sale and didn't buy any yarn...nope no yarn...but then again a yarn diet has nothing to say about fabric aquisition, now does it.

Work has Much more physically demanding the usual, we are still setting up the store and a tad behind. I've been sleeping better with all the work. I miss having the physical aspect to my job. I'm also trying to get into manager mode. I never really wanted the promotion. I'd rather be left alone to do my own work then have to deal with everyone. I did manage to close the store by myself without screwing up the alarm, and I got to yell at everyone. I still want out. I've promised myself to them until October 20th, thereabouts, after that I can walk with a relatively clean conscience.

I am painting the fall show at a local private high school. Its about my 6th year or so with them. I've also taken on a quick and dirty paint call for this Saturday. Slowly getting my foot back in the door.

Off to bed. I did 5 hours at work on my day off today. I'll check my spelling tomorrow


Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, spelling schmielling!

sounds like you've been rly busy. i haven't been busy, i haven't even been knitting. mostly laying about with the pms-period thing, but now that that's over i seem to be getting back to normal. who are you donating your scarves to?

msfortuknit said...

Your such a good woman! Wow Im proud of you!

Your page looks great too!