Thursday, August 24, 2006

"witty title goes here"

My life is just a bizarre mess. My love hasn't had a day off since we returned from vacation on the 13th. Actually they still made him go in after we landed 7 1/2 hours late. I've not slept in my own bed for the last 3 nights because of the pain and not wanting to wake him up. Pain, you ask, yes...pain. It feels like a urinary infection (of which I get about 1 or 2 in a good year). The doctor says no. She says I'm severely dehydrated and have crystals. Actually her quote was "I usually see urine like this in a pregant woman who has been vomiting constantly for 3 days." I have no clue how or why I am so dehydrated. I've been drinking like crazy...non-stop water and tea. And no i'm not pregnant....she checked. And the sinus infection...while better (goo has gone from green to clear) is still around. And for much of the day my internet browser keeps increasing the size of my text....from normal 12 pt to somting like 140 pt. Hard to do much with that...and won't let me switch it back. How's that for a computer glitch.

So with all of this not much knitting is getting done. Hard to keep track when running to the bathroom constantly. But I have a stack of knitting magazines scattered around the living room area. I'm looking for a new project...(like I need another one). I really want to do a sweater vesty type thingy. Maybe it's from reading this blog. Or maybe that its a tad crisper in the mornings when I leave. Or maybe that I need to tweak my work wardrobe now that I am going to be manager. Less jeans and t-shirts and more dressy. (I REALLY need to find some pants that aren't jeans, look good on me, are comfortable and durable and NOT dry clean only.) So my quest begins....the tough thing is to do it out of yarn in my stash....or out of yarn I can trade something in my stash for.

well my blue nail polish seems to be dry...I'm off to look through more patterns.


Lisa and Robb said...

get well soon!!!!

msfortuknit said...

That bites hard about the work thing love :( But at least u both got away for a bit :)

Rach said...

Think of the management thing this way...

You don't have to trek the hill of death anymore.

It's a slightly easier commute.

Once having an updated wardrobe (*grin*) stash a bit of the extra cash into saving for that textile degree you've been eyeballing.

You don't have to deal with manager from hell anymore.

You'll be working near Trader Joes and all their organic goodness (try the key lime cheese cake. It cures all grumpy moods)

Miss you