Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ten on....whatever day this is

Apparently the blogger app ate my Ten on Tuesday post. I will try to recreate it the best I can...

This once again is a timely topic this week: 10 Things You Need to Do and Stop Procrastinating. I would have had a whole different list just a day or two ago....even before reading the topic. Once the weather warms and the show season ends I get the urge to clear everything out and attack the endless to do piles. The biggest problem is what to do first. Here is the current list:

10 Things I Need to Do and Stop Procrastinating
  1. Clean the damn house.
  2. The next round of Nutcracker designs.
  3. Get my new glasses. (I just need to find frames I like)
  4. Likewise get fitted for my new contacts and get them. (seeing things is good)
  5. Get to a dermatologist
  6. Make Little Miss's annual appointment. For some reason it wasn't made at the end of the last appointment....and we completely missed it at the time.
  7. Wrap up all the MS Walk paperwork. 
  8. Finish my paperwork for my conference trip reimbursement.
  9. Get the fencing and get to the garden plot. - we've got the postcard saying out plot in the community garden is ready. It's time to get digging in the dirt. Finishing the layout plan might help too. 
  10. Get downstairs and get working on finishing the playroom walls.
So there's the list. I suppose I should add Get back to blogging on there. I want to. I really do. I am constantly writing posts in my head. It is just finding the time in which to get them from my brain onto the laptop. As the season winds up, I am hoping to do just that. Currently Geek-boy is in his 5 (or 6th) week of long hours and it is all I can do to get the minions cared for and work full time.

Something will happen soon.
Whether good or bad, something will happen.
It always does.

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