Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Time Machine Tuesday

My time machine must be on the fritz because apparently it is Wednesday. Who knew.

10 Time Periods You Would Visit If You Had a Hot Tub Time Machine 

This week's topic tickled me for a few reasons
  • I'm a history geek. I was watching The Tudors last night and trying to explain to my husband how they went wrong and his eyes glazed over a little. Yes. I'm a history geek. And I'm proud of it. 
  • Time machines. Do I need to say more? My son is already drawing up plans for one so he can go ride a dinosaur. "Don't worry Mom. I won't get eaten. I promise." 
  • Hot Tub Time Machine is a movie I probably shouldn't like. But I do. Actually I love it. I don't know why. It makes me laugh. It has joined the list of movies that I adore that make my Geekboy just shake his head in wonder. (I still don't know how I married someone who doesn't like Spaceballs.)
 But I digress....on with the list. It is a bizarre mix of finding answers to may of history's mysteries and spending time and being inspired by some of my favorite artists and art.
  1. Fall River Massachusetts, summer 1892. Mission: Did Lizzie Borden really take an axe and give her mother forty whacks? (Actually it was her step-mother and Abby Borden was hit only about 20 times. Her father about 10 or 11) The Lizzie Borden case was my first true crime obsession. I first learned about it in a true crime/mystery book I obtained in the RIF program in 4th or 5th grade. 
  2. London 1888. Mission: Find out who Jack the Ripper was. This case was also in the book and became another obsession of mine.
  3. England 1560. Mission: How did Amy Robsart, wife of Lord Robert Dudley, really die. Was she murdered by Robert? By Elizabeth I? Was it suicide? Or was it really just an accidental fall made fatal by the effects of cancer? 
  4. England early 1480's. Mission: the Princes in the Tower. Perhaps one of history's greatest mysteries. Now that they have found Richard III's body, maybe an answer about the boys is next....but not likely.
  5. Vienna, 1786-1787: Mission: to see Mozart's original productions of The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni .
  6. Gads Hill Place, Kent- Spring/Summer 1870. Mission: Discover the ending to Charles Dickens' unfinished work The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Who the hell did it???
  7. Vatican City, 1505-1512. Mission: Watch Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling. How could one not. I might pop back in between 1534-46 while he paints The Last Judgment.
  8. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, May/June 1889. Mission: Vincent van Gogh's painting of  The Starry Night.
  9. Paris, late 1880's-early 1890's. Mission: Hanging out in the Paris nightclubs with Toulouse-Lautrec drawing, paintings and just enjoying myself.
  10. Mexico- So hard to pick a time in the life of Frida Khalo but I'd want to be there when the art was happening, but also to see how she poured her physical and emotional pain into her canvases. 
Other things that were edged out of the top 10, but barely, are:
  • going to a Queen concert
  • seeing if Katherine of Aragon and Prince Arthur really did consumate their marriage
  • off to Scotland to see who blew up Lord Darnley
  • Dallas 1963- to know for sure
Oh the things I would do and see. I might go back and stop myself from doing stupid thing or two.

I want a TARDIS

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