Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Would Bring on a Picnic

A picnic can mean many things, but in my mind I see a lovely outing for my husband and myself, sans minions, on a beautiful day, out in nature where we can remind ourselves why we fell in love all those years ago. (Can you tell we've not had much alone time? or that our 11th anniversary approaches?)
  1. Our picnic basket. I just showed this thing to Little Dude and he was very excited about it. This basket is truly awesome. It comes fully stocked with all that you need, even the often forgotten corkscrew (You can open a bottle of wine with a screwdriver...it's just not pretty). Sad to say, we don't use this as often as we should. I'm vowing here and now to change that.
  2. Wine. White. Probably a Pinot Grigio or one of my old favorites: Arctic Fox or Goose Watch Bartlett Pear wine. 
  3. Cheese. A must. Soft cheeses, hard cheeses, and at least one really good stinky one. 
  4. Bread. Fresh...probably a nice crusty baguette. 
  5. Sopressatta. Or something of the like.
  6. Fresh fruit. Peaches, strawberries, grapes are the top three that come to mind.
  7. Tomato/Basil/Fresh Mozzarella. Add a little extra virgin olive oil and what more is there to say?
  8. Something spreadable. Along the lines of a sun-dried tomato & olive tapenade, or a white bean/spiniach/artichoke sort of thing.
  9. Something sweet. Mini tarts or chocolates.
  10. A book to read to each other.


Rebecca said...

ahhh how romantic and idyllic. hope you and your dh can get out and do this solo. i know how it is to get alone time lol; though my kids are now soon 15 and soon 13 so dh and i have recently been going on walks while they stay at home or hang out with friends. sometimes we drag them along but they usually are so pouty about it we leave 'em lol ;)

Leslie said...

Sounds you have this picnic thing down pat - enjoy your times together.

Leslie said...

opps wrong link