Friday, November 02, 2012

Well fuck!

If my last post seems like it ended rather abruptly, it would be because my laptop all but died on me. I am able to resurrect it for brief moments then the screen goes into and eerie graduated glow. And then not long after that the power went out. We were some of the lucky ones and it was only out for about 30 hours, (long enough to render everything in my big freezer questionable). It was a tad frustrating that everyone around us had power. We are in a section of about 40 houses that seemed doomed to power failures. Work shut down for two days and then the next two we were at 1/3 power, which meant a few lights, no heat, no compressor or saws, and no powered garage door. We ran a ton of extension cords and quad boxes all over the place to get the wifi working and power a few other things. The coffee pot was the first thing to find a functioning plug.

I did finish the Halloween costumes though. Granted it was in the wee hours of the night before and by lantern light, but they were done. And trick-or-treating did happen on the 31st in the evening as normal, unlike last year. The kids had a blast. I do have's just getting them from the camera onto the server that's the tricky part. (Man I miss that damn laptop).

Got my MRI results but don't wanna talk about that right now. I'm cold and I'm tired. I just wanted to jump on and say that we made it through the storm safely and due to technical difficulties the full scale return of this blog is delayed. Again. (I kinda wonder if I even should bother.)

2012 is just not my year.

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Hang in there sweetie.