Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things On Your Mind Right Now

  1. The election- one of the two races causing me agida is all but over with fantastic results. The other I think we won't know until morning. 
  2. My laptop- or how to replace the damn thing. It seems that it is included in a class action lawsuit for faulty product, so there is hope to have some money to help with replacement. 
  3. This damn cough- I wish I could get rid of it. It starts in the fall as lasts most of the winter. I hate it. 
  4. The quilt-My love didn't get the template cut for me today so I can't move forward on it. I had hoped to make some progress this evening while watching the election results. 
  5. The next show- designs are in and I've got a bunch of creative problem solving before me, most pressing being how to achieve the wall paper pattern without going insane.
  6. I hate iTunes- I'm trying to get some podcasts on to my stupid iPod and the whole thing is just a pain in the ass. Why won't it let me sort them so I can listen to them in order? Why??
  7. It's too damn cold!
  8. The Alan Dart patterns I just downloaded and all the holiday knitting I have planned. I've nearly all of my patterns. Need to get some yarn and some Eucalan.  (now what flavor to get)
  9. What I should be working on right now...like maybe the above mentioned projects...or my sock project or spinning the lovely new fiber that just jumped into my hands this weekend. 
  10. What will this next storm bring and do I dare to buy more food and freeze it? I've already have a bunch to go out on trash day tomorrow that falls into the 'questionable' category from last week.

I've been rather productive of late. After sewing the kids costumes I've got the sewing bug again. With Christmas coming I pulled out the quilt I started about two years ago. It is a T-shirt quilt for my FIL made from the shirts he and my husband acquired from years of Boy Scout camp.  Knit fabric is very finicky even with stabilizer on the back. I've had to rip all all the piecing I had done before. I'll have to cut some new sashing, if I have the yardage and start over. Once I have the template.

So I kindof fell down this weekend on the whole 'not buying anything' thing. I may have dipped a little more into the 'fund for shoes that won't trip or tire me' provided by my mother. I'm bad, I know. The first lapse was during Rhinebeck and the Skinny Bugga debacle at Cephalopod Yarns.This time it was Spunky Eclectic and Ball and Skein. I have a thing for Judy's colors at Ball and Skein. My daughter's room is based on one of her colorways, as in I actually pulled out paint chips and compared them to the yarn. This time it was a combination of the Medusa shawl pattern pared with the Glissade yarn in Elderberry. I fell and I fell hard. The yarn is to die for (I'm planning on this yarn in another colorway for a pattern I am designing.) the color, the luster, the feel. And I was smitten with the pattern. Not your typical lace, less flowery and more geometric. And being a fan of the old Clash of the Titans, who could resist Medusa. And then there's Spunky. I don't often leave her booth without something either from her or from JessaLu. I love JessaLu's bags. I only have two, but if I had endless funds I'd have at least 12. Everyone I know that has one of her bags, has more than one of her bags. I've not found any that are constructed half so well as her's are. Plus they are stitched on an old 1930's Singer. Those machines are awesome. I nearly fell for a bag out of Marvel fabric since my current sock project is called Hulk Smash, but I was wooed away by some fiber. I've been hunting for fiber to spin on my Moosie since I bought it at Rhinebeck last year. Such a fabulous spindle begged for some equally fabulous fiber. And this weekend it showed up in the form of some handpainted oatmeal BFL in a colorway called 'Hit with a Hockey Puck'. There was no saving me from that one.

That is all for now. It's cold in the basement where this computer is and I'm tired.

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Rachel Cutler said...

On the itunes thang... If the pc version is similar enough to mac. You should be able to create a smart playlist. If in the ipod are you using the podcast app?