Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

10 Ways to Have Fun on Long Car Rides
  1. Knit- the obvious answer
  2. Read- I've never understood the people who can't read in the car. I've always read on car trips.
  3. Audio books- This is how we survived a long road trip with a 1 year old. Thank you Harry Potter.
  4. Talk- Sometimes it's the only chance my husband and I get to catch up on the random things in our lives.
  5. Sleep- a necessity when you are the back up driver.
  6. NPR- Love them
  7. Take some fun sidetrips....or just get off the highway and the same old rest stops to have lunch and pee in a really awesome local diner. The best hint to finding the best local grub is to check the license plates in the parking lot. If they are local plates...eat there.
  8. Wear comfy clothes. 
  9. DVD player....this has helped us with longer trips with a very active toddler.
  10. Make sure you like the people who are in the car with you. 

Several people have asked where I get the topics....well I get mine from Carole Knits.  I found her through my friend, The Painted Sheep.

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