Saturday, October 17, 2009

On Borrowed time

That's what I am on at the moment.

J has decided that he only needs one nap a day (though most of us don't quite agree) so I get far far less done these days. He's faster than ever and his Go-Go-Gadet-Baby-Arms reach higher and higher. I tried explaining to my Mom the other day that I love the candy bowl she sent me, but I have no where to put it. Not, I'm not sure where to put it. Seriously no physical surface to put it on. Everything out of his reach is covered with stuff we want out of his reach. Things slowly move higher and higher in our house and we're running out of higher places to put things. And it doesn't help that I'm short anyway.

Very little knitting has been happening and even less sewing. I started another pumpkin hat for J and what should have taken a day or two is taking weeks. I've been sick for going on two months now but I think I'm seeing the end of that.

It snowed the other day. Snow. Before Halloween. NOT COOL. Kris, I love you, but that's not a good thing. It has been so cold here we haven't been playing outside much. I'm hoping it warms up some the next few weeks so that he can experience the joy of running through and jumping into the leaves. He loves leave. Every time he walks outside he grabs a big oak leaf or two and just walks around with it. They are scattered all over my house and car.

Lots on the work front and the pictures will be going up soon.

Well enough for my break. Back to the grind while he naps.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like what you need is an afternoon with a friend. We'll do a spinning lesson while he naps and then you can knit while J's aunty Kris entertains him. Sound like a plan? (and I still think the snow is magic)

Gothknits said...

Snow is only magic on Christmas.

Rach said...

I agree about the snow. Although, Em saw her snow suit for this year and insisted on putting it on. She ran about the house for an hour chanting snow. I feel bad. We don't get the fluffy snow down here that she sees on tv. She wore the pants for about 3 hours before I could coax them off.
Good luck