Sunday, February 10, 2008

Year of the Rat

I can't believe it has been so long since I've written. I'm still not feeling 100% lately. After working all day I'm whipped and pretty much completely useless. So the only real progress I've made on anything has been the weekends. I even skipped out on both my knitting groups this week. I'm just so tired.

I actually had my husband home for about 24 hours between yesterday afternoon and today. I really miss him. He has about two weeks of sheer chaos left. Then he's mine again. Today I attacked the linen closet and the green room. It is amazing how stuff just clusters and gathers and multiplies.

We finally found a home for one of the cats in the basement. Her new owner will be coming to claim her in a few weeks, after the show is out of tech. I think the other three are going to have to be taken to a no-kill shelter. We just can't keep fostering them. We've had them over a year and work on the house is being held up by the residence in the basement. Not to mention my inability to use my studio while they reside there.

I 'finished' the back to school vest. I haven't joined the shoulders yet. I tried it on quickly at knitting one night and wasn't too happy how the upper portion was fitting. I have to put it on here and see how I care to proceed. I do need to write the designer though. I discovered some eratta that wasn't listed on her site.

I've picked up the ballet wrap cardigan again. I'm more than half way done with the sleeves. I still have to figure out where I am on the right front. I took it to SnB the other night and started the sleeves as they were conducive to talking and knitting. The front will be me and the cats and some solitude.

Beyond that I need to figure out my next project. I have some more baby knitting for friends looming in the future. One of them is having triplets!!! And I'm hunting around for a spinning wheel of my own. That's what I'm going to do with all my birthday money.

So there we are. I'm going to keep puttering around the house while I still have sunlight to burn.

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