Monday, February 18, 2008

Holiday (for some)

Sorry. I couldn't resist.

I know I've been quiet lately. There are big things a brewing here at Chez-Goth, things I can't talk about until somethings are finalized. That and I'm still struggling with my health. I've been battling a headache for 5 days now. We also lost the computer for several days due to storm induced power failure. The surge protector and battery backup didn't prevent a fun little glitch that was over clocking the CPU, and my tech support (aka husband) was working long hours at the time. But the computer is running, he's nearly done with the insane hours, and we should be rid of the extra cats by the end of the month. Things are looking up. Now if I can just get rid of the gnome in my head with a jackhammer, things would be going quite well.


Anonymous said...

Did you realize that this is my neighborhood movie theater?


Gothknits said...

Too funny. I got that off the internet somewhere.

Kelly said...

Hey Paula, good seeing you last night! That photo is hilarious - I used to live near that theater, too. it's in oakland, ca.