Monday, January 07, 2008

My First Handspun

Here I am finally posting the pics. I believe I finished this on New Years day.

Here's the plied yarn on my swift. I don't have a niddy noddy (honey if you are reading this Hint HINT) so I used the swift and measured around. I ended up with about 93 yards.

on swift

Not a great close up but you get the idea.

Here are my weapons of crock pot, food dyes in straight red, red with a touch of black, and red with a touch of purple, and the instructions found here.
crock and dyes

Here's the dye pour. I put on the cover and walked away and wrestled with the computer for several hours...
Yarn and dye

When its done it looks like this. I actually added dye several times to get a deeper red. It was still in the pot when my Love came home and asked if I knew there was yarn in the crock pot. *sigh* boys.
dye exhausted

Here it is. My first hand spun. I'm very proud of it. There are a few wonky spots. I liked doing the singles on the drop spindle but the plying really killed my hands. I couldn't knit for a few days. This experience really is pushing me to seriously take steps to getting my own wheel. I'm addicted to the dying too. I keep thinking of color combinations. I may try some acid dyes but I'll do those in the shop at work.

My First Handspun

So there it is...and tonight it will become something else.


Jenny said...

Hey, if you're interested in a 'for dyeing only' crockpot, I have 2 that I'm getting rid of. One only works on low; one only works on high. Let me know if you want one (or both) of them. The handspun looks awesome!

Karen said...

It's truly beautiful! And *much* nicer than my first handspun!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...


All my friends are married spinsters. What's that about?

kzcav said...

P- you did this on your hand spindle! WOW I'm impressed. Did you ply on it too?


Rach said...

I figured you for the natural dyes. I can see you over a boiling cauldron working with saffron and turmeric looking for the perfect gold.

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