Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to


This is what I looked like 31 years ago today....well tonight. At this point I was still folded in half and stuck in my mom. (I was born after 11pm.)

So everybody CELEBRATE however you see fit!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday P!! I shall have a beer tonight in celebration! :)

Jenny said...

I second Karen's declaration! Happy Birthday!!

roxtarchic said...

happy happy birtday & new year... hope all your b'day wishes come true & ya have a great 2008.

and wow wouldja looka that heada hair! what a schmoopie! hehe

the tree was kit we got (rompbklyn.com) that is outta vintage wallpapers, i'm so thrilled w/it... i added some branches w/leftover scraps. it was fun putting up & cj smiles at it so that's all i needed ;)