Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Ten on Tuesday- Weekend edition

10 Things I did This Weekend

Ah the last weekend of summer....but not quite. Apparently someone forgot to tell the Weather Gods that it is fall now. Today is slated to go to 95°F, which means my un-airconditioned shop will be much higher. But on with the list:

  1. Celebrated Little Dude's 7th birthday- Yeah. SEVEN. How the heck did he get that old. I came up with an idea on Friday night and drafted up a birthday quiz for them to fill out every year. They put down their age, grade, favorite food, show, color, subject at school, book, etc and I will save them all in a book for them. Don't know where the thought came from but we already have some interesting answers....and spelling. 
  2. More cake decorating experiments- Little Dude said last minute he wanted a Minion cake. I did my best and learned a few things. The main cake was cut to look like a seven, utilizing a cake number guide I found. The extras became some Minion cake pops. The fail part of the experiment was my attempts at pourable frosting. We will just end it there. 
  3. Nursed Little Miss- Saturday night she woke up and ran into the bedroom complaining about her belly. I sent her into the bathroom (thankfully) and then she reenacted the Exorcist. My wonderful husband took over (I don't handle vomit well. At all) and then she had fever all the rest of the next day....which is my territory. She is better now. 
  4. Knitted- Holy shit...I actually spent time knitting. 
  5. Putting stickers on Legos- and helping when Little Dude got stuck. Over the course of the weekend he put together 3-1/2 Lego sets mostly on his own. 
  6. Imbibed NyQuil- I was nearly healthy...so close I could taste it (because I could taste again...for about 3 hours) and then there was a complete turnaround. 
  7. Spent some time with a dear friend- I really don't see her often enough. 
  8. Did some more work on prepping my Warhammer miniatures- Yes. I am a geek. 
  9. Spent some quality time with my husband before he heads into his load-in schedule.
  10. Slept- but not quite enough.


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