Friday, January 02, 2015

2015- Let the New Year Begin

It's 2015.

I know deep down inside that whole changing of the year is arbitrary, and one day is hardly different from the next. Despite knowing this, with the way the last few years have gone, I embrace the opportunity of having a fresh start.

I packed up Christmas yesterday. Fittingly, I wrapped up the whole task just before midnight. And this year I did more than just tossing it back into what random box I had pulled them out of. Last year I had started the task of organizing and weeding out my decorations. This year I have essentially completed the task. The Minions each have their own box of ornaments containing ones given by Grandparents or handmade by themselves. I also gave them choice of the ones I no longer really wanted. Or still want to see on the tree, but wish to distribute to them now. Our tree is mostly their ornaments now. I am partial to the old school glass bulbs...the kind that don't mix well with adventurous children. So my ornaments are all packed away in their own labeled boxes. I was able to consolidate into ornament totes and discard a lot of extraneous packaging. I even weeded through and organized the wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons and bows.

So with the tree gone, I am able to engage in my favorite annual pastime: Moving Furniture. With all the renovations this has been a regular pastime since May. I was forced to do copious shuffling of things to get the tree in front of the window in the living room. Now I find myself with more space. Especially since I am reclaiming a wall I had mostly vacated in the summer, believing it slated for demolition. That project being pushed off, I can use it again. Now it is the game of 'What-Should-Go-Where'.
Perusing Houzz earlier today, I found a picture that gave me some new thoughts on how do deal with television placement in our living-room. Our house is cursed with a long, narrow living-room that is cut up with a fireplace and of which is the main entryway. Not an easy space to work with. Complicating things is that our ancient by today's standards TV (19" tube TV circa 1999) is starting to show signs of giving up the ghost. So is the DVD player (wedding gift c.2002) and the VCR. Yes, you read that right. We still own a working (of sorts) VCR. Therefore I am trying to accommodate future electronics, of which I have no sizes. Frankly, my ground plan of the house with it's little furniture cutouts aren't cutting it anymore, in regards to deciding layout before dragging heavy furniture around. I really need to bite the bullet on one of my insomnia nights and make a scale model of the house. I need to start working in 3D to surmount some of the challenges of this house.

Or I could just win the lottery and rip the damn thing down to the studs and build the house I really want. Wouldn't that be nice?

Well it's getting late and this is the second time I've written this post due to some screw up with the Blogger to bed and on with the new year.

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