Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A lovely evening and an FO

Last night I got the little one off to bed in record time. By 7:30 he was bathed and in his jammies. By 7:45 his bottle was empty and he was snuggled with his Piglets and off to dreamland. I, still being fairly awake (I must confess to often going to bed right after him) decided to make a night of it. My love being at work till late, I had the house to myself. I brewed a pot of tea and settled down with my knitting, a purring cat (Loki has finally forgiven me for giving birth to my son), and Pride and Prejudice. The choice of film was to help cleanse the memory of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which I read this fall. I had such high hopes for this book and was bitterly disappointed. The Pride and Prejudice was exquisite as always, a book that has a place on my list of books often reread. Zombies...well hard to go wrong there. The ninja aspect, yes I did say ninjas, was pointless, stupid, distracting and just plain idiotic. The illustrations looked like something a 15 year old boy would churn out and were inaccurate period wise. There was such potential and it was a complete letdown. I forced myself to finish it. I'm very glad I didn't waste my money on it (i borrowed it from the library). I had used my Borders gift card months before on a much better choice....I now have my own copy of Dickens' Bleak House.

Anywho...I settled in and set to work on my work scarf. This project was a re-knit as my very industrious son managed to start the process of frogging the original scarf. The scarf was group project from a get-together with ladies from a knitting forum I belonged to years ago. We all brought a skein from our stash and all had a turn knitting on it. At the end of the weekend names were put into a hat and I was the lucky winner. The scarf was knit the long way. The cast on and bind off were a bit tight causing the scarf to curl in an odd manner. I took the unplanned frogging as an opportunity to make the scarf more suitable for work. I needed it to be shorter and without fringe. When it's very cold and they have the doors open, I'll keep my scarf on while I work. It has to be long enough to tie but short enough to stay out of the paint.

This is what I came up with. I knit it the short way with a 2 by 2 rib, left out two of the yarns and didn't reattach the fringe. I purposely went with an asymmetrical look to force myself to break away from my tendency towards rigid symmetry. I don't know if this a new habit of mine but a rut I'd rather not be stuck in. So, nothing spectacular but just what I need to keep me warm. And it's a completed project. That is a feat in itself.

I'm back on the couch again tonight, watching the second half of P&P, Loki napping by my side. I think blogging will override knitting tonight, but I intend to pull together yarn for my next project.

FYI- I updated the other as well too. Check out my time lapse video.

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Severina said...

Ninjas, you say???

I decided to forgo Pride & Prejudice & Zombies in favor of Mansfield Park and Mummies, mainly because I hadn't read Mansfield Park so I couldn't be disappointed and all the reviews said the author had a pretty firm grip on both Austen's writing style and the morals & manners of the time. It hasn't arrived yet but I'm hoping for a weekend of formal introductions, dance cards, and mummies.

Mmmm, I love Bleak House! Must read it again.