Monday, November 03, 2008

The force is strong with this one

Happy belated Halloween.

It was a busy day here. I didn't get the Yoda sweater done in time but the hat was a go. We had a lot less kids than we normally do, which is odd because the weather was rather pleasant. We had family visiting as well.

Here he is:

There is a disturbance in the force.


Mouse said...

*squee* Tiny Yoda!!! OMG.. you rock! I love the costume and the tiny lightsaber.

Karen said...

OMG he is sooooo cute! The hat is adorable!

Kris said...

So cute! Love the hat!

I can't believe how much he's filled out - little one is getting big!

roxtarchic said...

the force is CRAZY strong in that one!!!! (love the disturbance in the force pics) haha...

hope thanksgiving w/that lil turkey of yours is wonderful!