Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bags and books and illness...

Oh my!

I'm sick again. Well I'm not sure that I am sick or if it is a bout of allergies. Normally this is a nuisance that I would drug out of existence. Not anymore. While there are several things I can still take during pregnancy, the one thing that really works for me, I can't. So, I do what I can. It has wiped me out again, just as I was gaining momentum with the waning of my morning sickness.

I did end up buying a bag, if nothing else to get me though my little trip this week. Even if I don't keep it as a knitting bag, it is one I will find useful for other things.

I also ended up getting my hands on my very own copy of Simply Baby. I love the Debbie Bliss baby knit books. I love most of her stuff. And now I have a little one of my own to knit this stuff for.

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Rach said...

Of all the things that made me feel better it was the mint you sent and boiling up some fresh ginger. It was a life saver. Store bought mint sucks